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Your call is important to us!

Sounds familiar? You call an airline these days and you get the spin, “Please wait, your call is important to us”. Well if it is that important, surely they would increase the staff level and actually show that they are serious about service.

 To show you an example, Thursday last week I rang Gulf Air in Australia and was put on hold for 48 minutes! As a travel agent we never call the airlines but in this case we had to as they had cancelled some of their services for which we had booked some clients in First Class. Anyway, we got the booking amended and Gulf promised to send a fax confirming the flight. It never happended.

So on Friday I rang them up again at 1602, waited until 1708 when they hung up. They close at 1700. Sorry old chap!  So I rang their reservations in Bahrain. They advised they could only put a note in the booking but all transactions had to be done by their Australia office.

 I sent emails to Gulf, I’ve left messages and today, Monday I called them at 1458 and at the time of writing this, 1620 I’m still waiting!!

This is the worst service I’ve ever come across in my 50 years in the travel business so what do you think I’d do if a client expessed a wish to travel Gulf Air? You are right, I will never recommend this airline to anybody. Their inflight service might be great, the in flight for the kids is a good idea, and the chef is cooking up some fine food but, this does not help the airline if they can’t provide any ground service.

So, thumbs down for Gulf Air and may I never have anything to do with them again.


April 23, 2007 Posted by | Australia travel | 1 Comment