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As a travel agent I get many enquiries about travel in Australia, what to do, what you should include etc. Many are not aware of the great distances involved like Sydney to Melbourne is 1000k, Sydney to Cairns 3000k etc.  Recently I had an enquiry from a group who wanted to do Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne-Adelaide-Ayers Rock-Darwin in 8 days with a lot of sightseeing included. You would probably not remember a thing from this trip if you went ahead.

If you have 12 days or more you can quite comfortably visit Melbourne,Ayers Rock,Alice Springs,Cairns and Sydney. Whilst you do the travel between the cities on your own all tours etc. are fully guided. You can also add to these tours or change them as you like. Go to for details on this one. A similar tour which also includes New Zealand can be found on the same page.

Stress-Free Breaks in Australia are becoming more popular. Take a couple of days off and relax or include it in your Australian itinerary.

The Australian Outback.  Here, too, you can experience the power of sacred, silent places, places that have a special niche in our heritage, places like Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) or the Daintree Rainforest. Join us on any of the trips on offer, and go home fulfilled, ready to face the everyday world renewed.

One of the best trips up at the Daintree and Cape Tribulation World Heritage areas is a one day Bush Safari. Lush farmland contrasts with seascape as we approach the majestic Daintree River. Time for a short morning tea break then its ‘all aboard’ for an informative river cruise. Relax and enjoy the splendour only the Daintree can offer as you learn of Estuarine Crocodiles, mangrove forests and wildlife, this is nature at its best!We ascend the Alexandra Range and pause for a panoramic view of World Heritage Tropical Rainforest merging with the azure colours of the Coral Sea. Experience the rainforest intimately on our elevated National Park Boardwalk. Accurate interpretations of flora and fauna will be given with ample time for photographs and questions as we search for the elusive, rare and totally unique Southern Cassowary and other wildlife species within this particular habitat.

A delicious barbecue lunch with freshly prepared salads is served while you have the opportunity to hand feed a kangaroo and enjoy a cold drink from the bar.

Our tour does a little more. It takes us beyond Cape Tribulation along the 4WD Bloomfield Track to pristine Emmagen Creek and time for a refreshing rainforest stream swim. Seek fish and turtles in the creek, butterflies and exotic birds in the trees and indulge in a feast of tropical fruit, a complimentary glass of wine and a cup of traditional Billy Tea, all of which enhance the tranquil surroundings At Cape Tribulation Beach there is a little time to swim in the Coral Sea (seasonal) or stroll alond the beach and boardwalk to the photographers’ platform overlooking the mountains and coast where the ‘Rainforest meets the Reef’..

After a short afternoon refreshment stop, we cross the Daintree River by cable ferry and begin our homeward journey somewhat wiser for our ‘Total Rainforest Experience’ 


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