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Australia 2007 – a crystal clear choice !

The Australian Wine GlassAustralian Travel Services will be celebrating 20 years in business during 2007 with a special promotion for their self drive and conducted winery tours in Australia and New Zealand. 

For each booking they will give away the Australian Crystal Wine Glass. This glass with a unique Australian design is hand cut by master craftsmen and suitable both to red and white wine or could be used as a water goblet. If there are two or three or more in your party each individual will of course get a glass retailing at $ 49.00.

And, you don’t have to carry it with you. It will be mailed to your home address waiting for your return with some bottles of Australian wine.

Have a look at the glass at


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Flying in Australia – beware of Jetstar (JQ)!

Some people fly from A to B on JetStar and that’s no problem. The problem is if you are flying to the Gold Coast, Coolangatta airport. 

The problem is mainly if you need to travel via B to get to C. Say for example you are flying from Hobart to Brisbane. If you fly with Virgin Blue, they would check your baggage straight to Brisbane, of course!

You fly with JetStar and you might be under pressure to meet their strict check-in rule. If you haven’t checked in 30 minutes before the flight departs, you’re out. That’s it. You missed your train, good bye!   If you did check-in in time you will find that your baggage has gone to Melbourne only, you have to go to the baggage arrival carousel, claim your baggage and return to the depature hall and check in again, this time to Brisbane What a service ! This also applies to numerous sectors like Perth to the Gold Coast via Sydney (claim your baggage and check in again)

So anything involving a domestic transfer in Australia I would suggest you are better off using VirginBlue Airlines who will check your baggage straight through to your final destination and that’s what we expect from an airline.

Also, being 185cm tall I found the leg room unsatisfactory. Having an aisle seat I could stretch my left leg a big now and then but being in the middle or window-seat you have to endure. However most flights are around an hour.

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Perth – Western Australia, How to catch a flight

An important warning for all travellers dparting from 
Perth, Western Australia.


We recently visited
Perth, W.A. and thoroughly enjoyed it’s variety of attractions.

If you are planning to include Perth on your travel I would suggest you do the following;

Valley  river cruise with Oceanic Cruises or Captain Cook cruises. This is a most relaxing trip up
River to
Guildford and beyond and then you continue by private coach to visit a couple of wineries and have lunch. The one we did was with Oceanic which included a visit to Chesters winery where we had a good lunch and had time to taste some of their wines. The surrounds at Chesters is the least attractive part of the trip, it looks like a demolition site and something should be done about it after all, a winery should give that welcome, perhaps a bit of luxury-feeling. Should it not?  We continued to Houghton Winery afterwards and that met all expectations. Beautiful surrounding, great tasting room and a very smart café set in rustic style.

The second trip we did was up the river to Fremantle, a charming town on the coast. I suggest you go on the 1 your tram trip on arrival which gives you an insight to the history of this town and afterwards we had time to walk around on our own before the boat returned in the afternoon.


For lunch in Fremantle I suggest the Little Creatures Brewery and if you like beer try their Pale Ale. Glorious !


Did I mention a warning? Writing about the tours we did I almost forgot one important point which I feel you should know.

We pre ordered a taxi from Swan Taxis for 04:45 on the 13th November as we had a flight to
Sydney at 05:50. I’ll make a very very long story short. We missed the flight.

Swan Taxi, at 04:15 told me they do not take pre bookings in the morning! Nobody told us the night before when we made the reservation.   We rang them at least 10 times between 04:45 and 04:15 and there was absolutely no compassion, no service, no excuses, in other words they were totally indifferent to our plight and to top if off when the cab eventually arrived at 04:27 (which of course was too late to make the airport in time) they had not even informed the driver that we were in a hurry. It was only when we told him of the extremely bad service from Swan Taxis that he “stepped on it” but to no avail.


So my suggestion is this. If you are booked out of Perth on an early morning flight between 0500 and 0700 DO NOT take a chance on Swan taxi Prebook the shuttle service which are guaranteed to pick you up.



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