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If you are motoring in Australia and like to mingle with the local crowds at lunch and dinner time there is no better way than having a meal at one of the clubs. In every city or town, more or less, there is an RSL club ( Returned & Services League of Australia) whose main function is to look after war veterans. Or there is the local Bowling club or Football club and Golf club and in most cases you can get a very decent lunch or dinner here as well as drinks like beer, wine and spirits at a reasonable price.

You meet the locals, you eat what they eat, you can have a spin at the pokies, watch the horse races and put a dollar or two on the TAB .

Some of them are small versions, very small versions of Las Vegas casinos offering good meals and entertainment at a reasonable cost.

So you are driving between A – B and need a toilet? No problem if you have a computer. Go to our website at and click at the “public toilet” logo at the bottom of the page. Save the image and put in a hyperlink.

We drive on the left hand side in Australia and most cities,towns and villages has a 50km/hour speed limit in the central part. On the roads its mostly 70-80 and motorways 100-110 km/hour. Try to avoid traffic between 0730-0900 and 1530-1730 in the cities when everyone is going/leaving work.

Petrol prices varies from day to day, sometimes the difference can be up to 10 cents from one day to the other. Today, 23rd August the price is about $ 1.30/litre.

Ideas for self-drive itineraries can be found at

A final notice. There are speed traps, radar cameras all over Australia so keep an eye out for the police. This is a great fundraising for them so don’t get caught. Many radio stations advise where the current traps are so listen to the local radio. However, if you stick to the speed limits you have nothing to fear and you can keep your money.

Your overseas driving license is OK in Australia but don’t forget to take out an insurance.


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